Enlargement of the opening for a commercial garage door.

Increased space for a new garage door. New garage door with opener.

One of our jobs took place in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. Our crew had to make a new opening and cut an opening for a new garage door. Our customer had a new building in the city of Buffalo Grove. He ordered us to make a garage door and widen the opening for the garage door, making it taller because the new tenant who would be using the building uses large trucks. To do this, we moved the carrying metal beam as much as four feet up, then ordered a garage door from CHI Model 3285 in brown and a commercial motor manufactured by Liftmaster J501L5 fully insulated for this door. We fabricated a new commercial gate opening and did the welding work on this facility.

  The first thing our guys did was break the stone on top of the beam. We widened the opening to the proper size and installed a new metal beam to support the load-bearing wall and the roof. After that, other Firstline Garage Door Repair technicians installed the garage door; as I mentioned, these doors were brown and fully insulated. They also delivered us a 15-radius track and a commercial opener. 

Our customer was thrilled with our work. You can see all the pictures below. If you need to enlarge the opening for garage doors of different types, widen them, or build up the top, we can solve all your problems with this. We value your time and understand the importance of your needs. Contact us and leave a request, and we will make it a priority to get back to you the same day.

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