Replacement Spring For Garage Door In Chicago

New springs were installed on wood garage door, adjusted balance and changed garage door mount parts.

Many homeowners in Illinois utilize classic wood doors. These garage doors are different from other types of garage doors. Wooden garage doors are of higher quality than other doors but are also heavier. Unique springs are often used on such doors for long-lasting operation. Such springs are more durable when working with a large number of cycles. Our customer called us at the beginning of March 2024 with a garage door problem. Firstline Garage Door Repair replaced the springs with new ones. We installed springs size three 3 3/4/331/45, two pieces. We restored proper balance and solved the problem with the garage spring attachment. The size of the garage door springs turned out to be large and of commercial grade. We can swap any garage door springs for any door with any modification; more info is here.

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