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How do you choose the right garage doors?

Each buyer can choose a product that most fully meets their requirements and preferences. Everything seems great, but there is one problem: when the choice is so wide, it can be easy to make mistakes.

Now, there are a huge number of companies that are engaged in the production and installation of such products. Their prices vary greatly, as does their quality, and each buyer is looking for the optimal combination for himself.

Lifting sectional doors is far from a cheap thing, so their choice must be approached responsibly. First, you should understand for yourself how the different types differ, what the advantages and disadvantages of each type are, and determine which type is most suitable for your purposes. If you have opted for overhead sectional doors, you should familiarize yourself with the features of their design.


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What should you pay attention to when choosing overhead sectional doors?

At first glance, it may seem that all overhead sectional doors are exactly the same, but this is not the case.

Firstly, you need to remember that a quality item cannot be cheap. Even if at first glance there is practically no difference between expensive and cheap products, you will feel it during use. The materials from which the sections are made, as well as all the automation, mechanisms, cables, springs, and methods of fastening the panels to each other, vary significantly from one manufacturer to another.

First of all, you should pay attention to the following: Mechanical parts of the structure must be without visible damage; Parts must have a shiny surface; this is important not for aesthetic reasons but to ensure high anti-corrosion resistance; The galvanized layer should not have any visible defects; Steel threads of cables should not be fluffed; At the ends of the cables, there must be galvanized thimbles and not just loops; The product must be carefully packaged to prevent damage during transportation.


Specifications and safety.

When purchasing overhead sectional garage or industrial doors, you should check with the seller for the following characteristics: Thermal protection. A product with good thermal insulation properties will help you reduce heating costs and tightness. Lifting sectional doors must be resistant to weather changes and prevent moisture, dust, and dirt from entering the premises from the street. Tightness is achieved with various seals, both between sections and along the perimeter, the ability to withstand strong wind loads and mechanical stress, and resistance to deformation. Sound insulation is also a useful property of good products.

Also, when buying overhead sectional doors, you should not forget about their safety. High-quality products comply with USA safety standards. They provide fall protection in the event of a cable break or in the event of a broken torsion spring, compression protection, protection against pinched fingers, etc.


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What determines the cost of overhead sectional doors?

The main options are Swing. They are the most traditional and, at the same time, the cheapest. They are the easiest to install, but their bulkiness precludes their use when there is a shortage of free space. Sliding doors are a convenient and reliable alternative to traditional swing products. They are convenient to use at any time of the year; they resist wind and other mechanical influences well. In addition, they are more compact and easier to automate. But the cost of these products is slightly higher than the cost of swing ones. Lifting-sectional is perhaps the most comfortable and small-sized option.

When opened, the sections smoothly move towards the ceiling, which makes them universal for almost any room. They will provide comfort and safety. They are suitable for any openings, and you can additionally install a gate in the canvas. An important advantage is the ability to use remote control. All of the above, accordingly, increases the price of overhead sectional doors. The price also depends on the characteristics of the electric motor and its power.

Dimensions of overhead sectional doors.

Undoubtedly, first, the price of overhead sectional doors of any design depends on their size. Large openings require more time and materials to create the canvas. In addition, as the size of the canvas increases, its weight also increases, which means that more powerful supporting structures and foundations must be used for their installation, which also increases the cost.



The price is greatly influenced by the materials from which the canvas is made. For example, the frame of sliding products is made up of a structure that consists of metal pipes welded together. Then, the casing is attached to such a frame, which can be made of smooth metal sheets, sandwich panels, forged metal, profiled sheets, and other materials, depending on the customer’s preferences. Each of the materials has its own cost, which determines the final price of overhead sectional doors. They are also coated with various protective materials and anti-corrosion compounds: polymer coating or paint.

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Naturally, buyers often want gates that are not only comfortable and reliable but also aesthetically pleasing. In most cases, this is easy to achieve. Now, consumers are offered various painting options, both using paints and varnishes and using a polymer coating. Typically, a few standard colors are initially offered to choose from, but the buyer can choose from a wider range of colors for an additional fee.

For an additional price, you can also decorate overhead sectional garage doors with natural stone or wood, bas-reliefs, forged patterns, and embossing.

 What are the main differences between garage and industrial doors?

With the help of industrial automatic gates, openings of enterprises, terminals, warehouses, and hangars, that is, buildings with industrial purposes are equipped. Typically, such buildings serve a large number of vehicles, and the gates operate in a particularly intensive mode. This is their main difference from garage options used for domestic purposes.

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 What is the peculiarity of the operating mode of industrial automatic gates?

Everything is quite simple.

  1. They are used quite intensively. Therefore, they are designed for a larger number of cycles (openings and closings). To ensure their reliability and wear resistance, more reliable components that are resistant to corrosion are used in production.
  2. Industrial automatic gates are designed for a large opening size. The weight of their doors is much larger than that of a garage door, and more powerful automatic mechanisms are used to control it.
  3. To maintain the temperature in a warehouse or other room, sandwich panels with a higher thermal capacity are used.
  4. Given the intensity and continuity of their use, there is a risk that, due to wear of the mechanism, the sash may fall. To prevent accidents, they are equipped with a fall protection system.

Design features of industrial doors

The special operating mode significantly influences their design.

  1. All fittings and all elements (rollers, springs, cables) are more wear-resistant. This allows the product to be used without problems for a long time.
  2. The doors are usually quite wide and very heavy. More excellent power motors are used to control them than for garage types. Automation is usually mounted on the floor, ceiling, or wall. The motor of such gates has a long service life, so it can be operated for a long time and without interruption. But, if the drive still fails, the product can be opened manually. For this purpose, a system of counterweights is provided.

The choice is yours; we have described the main points on which you can choose a new garage door for yourself. Contact us at Firstline Garage Door Repair, and we will provide you with a wide selection of doors with various modifications.