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How to Easily Reset Garage Door Keypad?

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FAQs in Relation to Reset Garage Door Password.

Can I reprogram the code on my keypad?

Yes, you can. Read the article below.

Can one keypad work for two garage doors?

Yes, you can program two different codes for different doors. And work with one keypad. How to program the keypad, please read below.

How often do I need to change the battery?

The battery for the keypad should be changed once a year; see the instructions below.

What tool do I need to change the keypad or password?

You will need a small ladder to access the control box.

Can I use any other keypad for my opener?

No, you will need to purchase the correct keypad with the exact range.

Can I reprogram my keypad alone, or do I need a specialist?

Yes you can, read the article below.

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Keypad Characteristics And Causes Of Breakage Impact Opener Functionality. Maintain and Repair Accordingly.


A keypad for a garage door is a device that has been used by mankind since ancient times to manage the opening of the garage door. We use it very often, and it is convenient and efficient. We assign a unique code that our family and friends know and use the keypad every day. Like any other device, keypads have a tendency to break at the wrong time. My name is Alex Caraus. I am the author of this article, and I am a professional in my business of repairing and installing commercial and residential garage doors. My opinion is that residential keypads in Illinois, where the weather is constantly changing, should be changed once every 5-6 years. The change in weather very much affects the parts of the keypads. Sometimes, it can be contacts between the battery, broken plastic for the keys, or problems with the logic board. Let’s find out what it could be and solve the problem step by step.

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Check The Keypad For Battery Level and Keypad Operation.


  1. Check the battery or multiple batteries, depending on the model. Craftsman, Liftmaster, Chamberlain brands use one 9v krona battery. Genie usually uses two AAA batteries. Before you reset the code of your opener, you should make sure that the batteries are in good condition. If the keypad has stopped working. You press the keys and see nothing under the lights then check the working condition of your remotes, if everything works and the garage door starts working then of course replace the battery first. Use a quality and fresh battery.
  2. Remove the protective plastic and change the battery. The protective plastic is located at the bottom of the keypad. After replacing the battery, check the functionality of your keypad. Press the keypad and check the light detector. To check if the keypad is working properly, look for a glowing light and enter your password. Then, test the functionality to ensure it is working correctly.
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Change the code on the garage door or restore the code

  1. After you have changed the battery, it often happens that the code resets automatically, and we need to reprogram our old code or change to another new password.
  2. To reset the password and program, you need access to your opener. You need a small ladder to get closer to your opener. For safety, set up the ladder correctly and ask someone to help you. Safety first, so please be alert and follow safety rules. Follow the guidelines provided by Firstline Garage Door Repair to ensure a safe job.
  3. Locate your control for your opener. This is usually found under the plastic cover you normally use to change light bulbs. Pull towards you and open the plastic. Underneath, we will see several buttons, and there is one important button for us, and that is the Learn Button (usually comes in colors yellow, red, purple, and green.) On the Genie, there is a black button. You can refer to the instruction manual.
  4. To reprogram your code on the keypad, press the Learn button once. A small light will illuminate to indicate that you have started a search for a new keypad password. You have 40 seconds to go down to the keypad and press your new code, or you can use the old code as well.
  5. Go to the keypad and press your code, four digits, and then press Enter button. Come up with a unique code that will be hard to figure out. You can carry out this step in twos for quickness and convenience. When pressing the keypad, don’t rush to press the numbers; do it with a small pause. A keypad is not a cell phone; it needs time to program. This step will work with keypads from Craftsman, Liftmaster, and Chamberlain. In the case of the Genie, you will need to do other steps.
  6. After pressing the password and the ENTER button key, you will hear the opener click and a light signal from the opener lights.
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Correcting Keypad Malfunctions By Changing The Password.

There are also cases when the keypad stops working, but the keypad indicator flashes and remains active. This indicates that the inner liner (plastic) is broken, and there is no contact with the logic board when pressing a key. Then, your keypad is not hammering correctly, and the door will not open. 

  1. Follow all steps to press the Learn button; check steps 1-5 above. 
  2. Go to your keypad and press a completely different password so that your numbers do not match the old password. The new password will activate other keys inside the keypad, and thus, your keypad will work again. This is the principle I often use to recover the keypad. Please try it. Another option is to call a technician who will replace the inner plastic on the keyboard from the inside.
  3. Avoid passwords with repeating numbers, like the password 9888. Frequent use of a single key reduces the life of your keypad.
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Resetting All Information From The Opener, Full Reset.

You can reset the entire opener if you need to. But remember that after resetting, you will not be able to use anything (remotes, keypad, and your copiers are on the machine as well). Your only chance is to use the opener button on the wall.

  1. In order to reset the memory in the opener, you need to get closer to the opener to the control panel. Also, use the ladder for this, safety first. In the control panel, you will see a Learn button; usually, this button is located away from the limit buttons; see the picture above. These buttons come in different colors (yellow, red, purple, green, black for Genie). Press the Learn button and hold it for a few seconds, about 5 seconds. Next to the Learn button, there is a lighted indicator that will go off when you finish erasing the information from the opener. This indicates that you have cleared memory from the opener.
  2. Next, we need to repeat the steps I described above. From points 1 to 5. 

In brief, we press the Learn button once again, and the indicator will light up with a constant light. Approach the keypad, program a new password of 4 digits, and press the Enter key. Press the digits honestly and slowly. After entering the password and Enter button, you will hear a sound signal from the motor, a double click, and a light signal, flickering lights. This means that the programming process was successful. Try to enter your password using the Enter button, and then the door will start to close; before entering the password, move away from the door to a safe distance.

  1. After you have programmed the keypad, you need to program your remotes and machines again because we have erased all information from the opener. You can read full information about remote programming in my other article; you can follow the post – How do you program a garage door remote?

 In short, it’s not a hard process either. You need to grab your remotes and get close to the opener and the control box. Use your ladder. Also, we press once on Bottom Learn and then press the button on the remotes. After that, you will hear a double click and a light signal, meaning the remotes are programmed. Repeat this process with the rest of the remotes.

Reprogram the keypad or install a new Liftmaster 878 MAX keypad for the last generation's Liftmaster, Craftsman, and Chamberlain opener.

programming instruction Liftmaster 878 Max
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  1. You can check this by Assuming you own a previous-generation opener. You need to use a ladder to locate the control box on the opener. Your Learn button is not yellow but a different color. It could be a purple, red, or green button. If you need to reprogram your keypad, follow steps 1-5 above, where I describe how to change the code; follow the steps, and everything will work again with a new password.
  2. Another situation if you need to change your keypad to another new one. Then, you can find the same keypad as before with the same part number, and we can buy it online. You can safely buy a Liftmaster 878 MAX keypad if you do not find your keypad.

Programming keypad Liftmaster 878 MAX for opener with Learn button in yellow, purple, and red color.

The picture shows the circuit under the cover of your keypad as well.

This keypad is universal and easy to install. You need to follow the instructions correctly. Use method B

  • Suppose you have a purple-colored Learn keypad.
  • Press * and # at the same time after the lights on the keypad stop blinking. 
  • Press your password four digits 
  • Press Enter twice. Why twice. Because your purple-colored keypad is in the second programming.
  • Press 0.
  • Go to the opener and press your Learn button once it is purple.
  • Go back to the keypad, press your password, and Enter button.
  • You will hear a double click and a light signal that everything was successful.

You can perform the same operation if you have a red or green Learn button. For the red button, we press Enter three times, and for the green button, we press Enter four times.

 Sometimes, you may not succeed the first time; try several times until you hear a double click from the opener, indicating the end of the process and a positive result.

If you have any questions, please write to me or call me. To fill in the letter, go to the contact.

As a last resort, you can contact Firstline Garage Door Repair for assistance, a free consultation, and a free estimate for your problem. 

Written by Alex Caraus