What Are Garage Door Sensors

What Are Garage Door Sensors and How Do They Work?

Garage door sensors are an integral part of any garage door operating system. They ensure the safe and efficient operation of the garage door, minimizing damage or injury.One feature often overlooked is garage door weatherstripping – a crucial element to ensure your garage runs at its optimal level, while at the same time protecting it from harsh weather elements. This blog aims to enlighten you on garage door weatherstripping – its installation process and the benefits associated with it.       

Understanding the Role of Garage Door Sensors

What Are Garage Door Sensors

 Garage door sensors, often referred to as photoelectric sensors, play the critical role of detecting any obstruction in the path of a closing garage door. They work using infrared technology, where one sensor sends an infrared beam to the other. If an object obstructs this beam while the garage door is closing, the sensor sends a signal to the garage door opener to reverse the action, preventing any potential damage or injury.

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The Underlying Mechanism

Garage door sensors operate using a relatively simple yet effective mechanism. They come in pairs, installed on opposite sides of the door at a specific height above the ground. One sensor acts as a transmitter, sending an invisible infrared beam to the other sensor, the receiver. When the path is clear, the receiver senses the beam, and the door operates as usual. However, when an object obstructs this beam, the receiver fails to detect the beam, sending a signal to the opener to stop or reverse the door’s movement.

A Wealth of Benefits

The sensors bring a wealth of benefits, particularly in regards to safety and protection. They prevent accidents, such as the door closing on your car or, worse still, a child or pet who might have wandered under the open door. Moreover, they can protect your property from damage, in cases where forgotten tools or objects obstruct the door’s path.


Delivery of Signal

The sensor mechanism is wholly dependent on the successful delivery of the infrared beam from the transmitter to the receiver. When interrupted, the command is signaled to the motor, inhibiting the closing motion until the obstruction is removed, ensuring the safety of your loved ones and valuables.


Troubleshooting Common Sensor Problems

Garage door sensors, like any other mechanical equipment, can encounter problems that affect their functionality. However, most common issues are easy to fix. For example, if your garage door mysteriously reverses before it fully closes, it may be due to an obstruction. Clearing the object usually resolves the problem immediately. If the door still won’t close, check if the sensors are misaligned. Realignment can usually resolve the issue. 

4 Tips for Maintaining and Upgrading Your Garage Door Sensors

Replacing Old or Damaged Sensors

Over time, garage door sensors may wear out, get damaged, or become outdated. In such cases, it is necessary to replace them to maintain the safety and efficiency of your garage door. However, replacing these sensors isn’t typically a do-it-yourself job. Instead, it’s better to hire a professional garage door service provider like Firstline Garage Door Repair that has the requisite knowledge, experience, and tools.


The Future of Garage Door Sensors

The technology behind the garage door sensors keeps evolving, with manufacturers continually innovating to improve safety and convenience. For instance, models that integrate with home automation systems and those designed with advanced features for detecting finer objects are already making waves in the market. As technology progresses, we can only expect the function and reliability of these sensors to increase.

“Garage door sensors may not be the most exciting topic, but they are one of the most essential components for ensuring safety in your garage. Understanding how they work and keeping them well-maintained will help you avoid potential accidents and costly damages.” – Firstline Garage Door Expert. 

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